Our Coquina home is built on a floating base, providing a unique living experience and minimizing the environmental impact on the surrounding marine ecosystem. They are designed to require minimal maintenance through the use of high-quality durable materials. Our modular design allows easy customization, enabling you to tailor your home to your needs.

These resilient and energy-efficient housing units can be used as a Home, as short-term rentals, and or by resorts. The Coquina is expected to offer an innovative solution for people seeking a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Each Coquina will be fully equipped for comfortable and sustainable living, offering an opportunity for residents to connect with the ocean and its ecosystem in a unique way.


Energy: An off-grid power system that relies on solar panels and batteries for energy storage. This self-sustaining setup eliminates the home’s reliance on traditional power sources, leading to reduced carbon footprint and savings on energy costs.

Materials: High-strength concretes and geopolymers that are designed to last for over 100 years, offering exceptional durability against environmental elements like water infiltration, freeze-thaw cycles, and corrosion due to their remarkable strength and minimal water permeability.

Aquaculture: Small-scale aquaculture infrastructure incorporated under the base provides an opportunity to cultivate fish, oysters, and other aquatic life.

Freshwater: A self-sufficient approach to providing clean and potable water, which eliminates the dependence on traditional water sources and minimizes the environmental impact of extracting and transporting freshwater.

Greywater: A sustainable and eco-friendly solution for managing household wastewater. This reduces the amount of freshwater needed and helps to maintain water quality in the surrounding ecosystem.

Blackwater: Designed to safely and effectively treat and dispose of wastewater. Advanced filtration and treatment technologies remove contaminants from the water before it is removed from the home.


We are now accepting reservations for our floating modular homes. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the sustainable living movement and enjoy a unique water-based lifestyle. 

Pricing: Our base model, including 288sqft interior space and a 288sqft deck, will start at just $100,000.

Reservation: Make a free reservation today! As we get closer to building your Coquina, we will contact you about the timeframe to deliver and make a deposit.

Construction: Material testing and Prototype construction to begin in May. Prototype to be finished mid June, which will be followed by the construction of priority waitlist reservations. 

Delivery: Delivery of priority reservations will start 6-12 months after the successful construction of our prototype.

Arktide believes the ocean is our future and from the ocean we can fundamentally change our world to create a future of abundance for humanity. Founded in 2021, the company has a mission to develop fully sustainable and autonomous communities in the ocean with the technology and infrastructure to enable nature and humanity to thrive.