The Ocean is Our Future

We are focused on the sustainable development of water-based communities with an abundance of energy, fresh water, clean air, and food enabling humanity and nature to thrive.


Off-Grid power supply through solar panels and back up batteries. This eliminates the home’s reliance on traditional power sources, minimizes its carbon footprint, and saves on energy costs.


High-strength concretes and geopolymers with a projected lifespan of more than 100 years. With high strength and low porosity, these materials provide superior resistance to environmental factors such as water intrusion, freeze-thaw cycles, and corrosion.


A self-sustaining and efficient method of providing clean, potable water. This eliminates the home’s reliance on traditional water sources and minimizes the environmental impact of extracting and transporting freshwater.


Small-scale aquaculture infrastructure incorporated under the base provides an opportunity to cultivate fish, oysters, and other aquatic life in a sustainable and efficient way.


A sustainable and eco friendly solution for managing household wastewater. This reduces the amount of freshwater needed and helps to maintain water quality in the surrounding ecosystem.


Designed to safely and effectively treat and dispose of wastewater. Advanced filtration and treatment technologies remove contaminants from the water before it is removed from the home.


Q2 2023

Construction of our modular floating home and initial customer reservations

Q3 2023

Set up of full-scale manufacturing operations at our 28,000sqft facility in Panama City, FL

Q4 2023

Begin delivery of early reservations for our floating modular home

Q1 2024

Begin prototype construction of our larger structures for hotels and amphitheaters


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