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At Arktide, we build floating communities and cities on our waters to allow nature and humanity to thrive


Discover our talented team members and their unique skills driving our projects to success



Ben Silone has a personal mission to help our planet and its people. Growing up as a homeschooled student enabled him to pursue his educational interest in his natural environment and left him with a deep desire to never stop learning. Ben built his career around real estate and project management which has taken him all over the world, including relief and development efforts in Iraq, anti-piracy systems in Africa, and fighting human trafficking.



Mike sees ocean development as a means to promote a sustainably abundant economy. The open ocean has the potential to supply sufficient energy, food, water, and industrial feedstocks for the entire planet while restoring the oceans to peak health. His background is in mechanical engineering from the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer products industries.His goal is to extend the cutting edge technology from these areas into the marine environment for permanent habitation and production.



The ocean, humanity's final frontier, has captivated John's imagination since 2012, igniting his passion for oceanic living. As a versatile engineer skilled in coastal, ocean, mechanical, civil, environmental, and software engineering, with over a decade of experience, he's managed crucial aspects of the Manhattan seawall project, delved into cavitation research, and crafted groundbreaking wave-breaking VLFS solutions using CFD and ML for the Department of Defense. John's journey also includes leading a machine learning startup and innovating wastewater solutions, reflecting his enduring commitment to engineering excellence. At Arktide, he embarks on realizing his dreams.


Professional Experience Skipper Turk’s expertise is in Executive Management, but for him, the title is multifaceted to include connecting, assisting, and providing solutions for clients who need commercial, residential, or maritime legal assistance. For more than 15 years, Skipper has facilitated successful solution sales in the information technology industry as well as healthcare and telecommunications.

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