Arktide has entered the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition!

A little while ago we here at Arktide helped get the XPRIZE Carbon Removal unofficial Discord server up and running (you can find a link to it here). Since we started earlier last year, we have made it one of our primary goals to help remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in an effort to help regulate Earth’s carbon emissions. The Musk Foundation’s XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition will give out 100 Million Dollars in prizes to the winners of this competition through 2025, and the first round of prize money for this competition will be given out this coming February of 2022.

To win the prize teams must demonstrate CO2 removal at the 1000 tonne per year scale, model costs at the million ton per year (megatonne) scale, and present a plan to sustainably reach the gigatonne per year scale in the future. In the first phase of the competition, teams must demonstrate the key component of their carbon removal solution.

Arktide will be attempting this feat using carbon sequestration from the ocean, by growing Sargassum Seaweed in large quantities. Growing this seaweed also has other benefits, as we have discussed in previous blog posts. From foodstuffs, to biodegradable plastics, to potential biofuels, many types of seaweeds, especially Sargassum have enormous industrial potential for humanity.

In the upcoming months, we here at Arktide plan to begin designs of our prototype hulls, seaweed farming strategies, and other carbon sequestration techniques. Stay tuned to our blog to hear more!

Earth’s changing climate is a fundamental threat to humanity, but it’s not too late if we take

collective action NOW! Human imagination and creativity can shape a brighter and more
sustainable future.
We’re so proud to be one of the many registered teams in the $100M @XPRIZE Carbon
Removal. Catch the latest news at https://www.xprize.org/prizes/elonmusk

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