How does a seasteading society work and what will the rules be?

Welcome seasteading community! Here at Arktide, we envision a world in which we inhabit our oceans rather than our land. Our oceans provide endless opportunities yet to be fully discovered. We want to let go of the limitations and scarcity of living on land and create a world of abundance. With these opportunities come new ways of living and interacting with one another; ways of life that have not even been thought of yet. Nonetheless, we have a vision of what we want that world to look like, and in this blog, we will discuss how we believe a seasteading society would work and what the rules would be.

Seasteading is an idea that is still foreign to most of the world. Many people cannot even imagine a world in which humans live on the water. All we have ever known is life on land, but here we give you a glimpse into a different reality. Imagine waking up to the sound of ocean silence and complete peace, watching the sun rising far in the distance, rather than the sounds of traffic. Alongside you, hundreds of other people waking up to the same scene. You live in a seasteading community. 

Perhaps you’re a college student, a retired couple, or a young couple whose only baby is a dog. With seastead and seasteading communities, you can always find a place that fits your lifestyle and outlook on life. You could live in a community of young students, a quiet community for the elderly, or a community with fun activities and networking. Each community can be tailored to the specific needs of the people who inhabit them. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to integrate into whichever place fits best for the lifestyle you want to live, even if your lifestyle changes because with a seastead you can always migrate and integrate into a different community with a different lifestyle. 

Life in a seasteading community can look very different from a more traditional lifestyle on land. Transportation, food, and even work are not the same on the ocean. Here you will become accustomed to traveling on water, having a seafood-based diet, and perhaps working remotely or running a business in a new ocean economy. Schools will not even be the same as each community might decide on different ways of educating their young ones. The idea here is that everything is decided by the people and for the people. The rules in each community are also established by its inhabitants.

To make the rules enforceable, social contracts between the residents can be agreed upon. Using the emerging blockchain technology, smart contracts would allow for certain consequences to be deployed as soon as the contract is broken. Or if as a community, the majority votes to change the contract in ways that do not fit your needs, you can simply take your seastead and find another community with rules that fit you best.

In the end, the rules will be made by the people and that is what will ultimately determine the identity of each community. That is what will make each one unique.

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