How societies will be organized

Welcome Seasteading community! Seasteading isn’t just about floating homes, these floating communities are about evolving our relationship with each other and with the earth. It’s also about creating a more abundant and efficient world. To help bring Arktide’s vision to fruition, it is necessary to explore and integrate new ways of organizing and operating our communities. One of our most important goals is to allow these communities to evolve organically. In this blog, we will discuss the ways in which we can allow these communities to transform over time by allowing the community to dictate its organization.

Throughout most of our civilized history, cities have been constructed through rigid master plans that don’t easily change once they have been built. To evolve a modern city one must tear down what cost a lot to be built. Because of this cost, city transformations are slow and older cities have trouble keeping up with modern demands. It is only through natural or man-made disasters that cities can achieve a complete transformation. That’s one of the issues with land-based infrastructure, once it’s set, it’s difficult to reset.

This inability to quickly evolve produces a lot of inefficiencies, not only for the city itself but also for people living within these cities. Not only do these land-based cities create rigidity, but they also implement systems that are in contradiction with nature. This causes us as a society to be at a disadvantage when nature strikes. Imposed rigidity against the natural flow. Nature always wins because the force holding it up is bigger, imposed rigidity is only held up by those who imposed it.

Our goal is to create societies that evolve organically in conjunction with the current demands. This allows for efficiency and speed of evolution. With our seasteading communities, the people living there can dictate the direction that their community will take, based on the specific demands of that community. Over time, the inhabitants of the communities will change and so will their needs. As this happens the community can quickly evolve and adapt. To accomplish this speed, we are creating transportable seasteads that can easily function as interchangeable parts in communities. Not only will the rules of the community change, but so will the physical community itself. This will help to create truly distinct societies and offer diverse lifestyles.

To take it one step further, Arktide envisions societies that are beacons for marine life rather than dead zones. Societies that practice sustainable methods that are in harmony with the natural environment. The seastead communities will function as ocean farms as well, helping provide an abundance of food for its inhabitants in a more efficient way. Attracting marine life to our area of the ocean levels up the quality of the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and ultimately the quality of life that we can live.

We need to return to a harmonious way of living with nature and with ourselves. Our attempt at creating seasteading communities is to accomplish just that. This is our solution. Our solution is to provide a building block, a foundation, on which communities and societies can be built while allowing for the freedom to choose their direction. People with common goals will come together as tribes, all heading in the same direction. If your goals and direction change, so can your tribe.

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