University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

Welcome Seasteading community! Seasteading isn’t just about floating homes, these floating communities are about evolving our relationship with each other and with the earth. It’s also about creating a more abundant and efficient world. To help bring Arktide’s vision to fruition, it is necessary to build relationships, collaborate, and produce something new from those collaborations. Rather than doing this on our own, we want to find the most talented of people and institutions, to help us navigate our way to the great future that we envision for the world. It is for that reason that we have partnered with the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, to provide Arktide with the infrastructure needed to conduct research and create innovative technology.

The University of Puerto Rico was founded in 1903 with the help of a land grant from the U.S. Government. It was the first university system in Puerto Rico. The campus of Mayagúez began as the College of Agriculture at Mayagúez, later renamed the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (CAAM). A reformation movement began in 1942, causing the CAAM campus to grow and expand its course offerings, offering programs in agriculture, science, engineering, and later the arts. In 1966, these disciplines were broken into separate campuses, each with a specialty. The Mayagúez campus became the College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. UPRM is a competitive college that accepts academically promising applications. Prospective students must provide either a high school diploma or a GED certificate as well as SAT scores, which will be used in determining admission.

The University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez is one of the best colleges in Puerto Rico. It is known for its amazing engineering and agriculture undergraduate programs while also providing a variety of other programs such as fine arts, philosophy, and literature. Today, the University of Puerto Rico Mayagúez (UPRM) offers four colleges: Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Business Administration. Classes are offered in both Spanish and English, depending on the preference of the professor. Most academic resources and administrative forms are offered only in Spanish, although most textbooks are in English. Locals tend to be bilingual.

The island of Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean, between the minor Antilles and the Dominican Republic. It is home to nearly four million people of Hispanic, European, and African descent, mostly concentrated in the San Juan metropolis. Mayagúez is home to 150,000 residents and is located on the far west of the island. It offers local entertainment like a theatre, Botanical Gardens, and the Mayagúez Resort and Casino. Students can also enjoy natural attractions like the coastal beaches, which offer activities like jet skiing, scuba diving, and swimming.

UPRM does not offer on-campus housing, but students can visit the Student Residence office for resources and guidance in finding housing nearby. The Office also has several online resources that will help students in every step of the process from finding an apartment or house to making an offer and signing a lease.

Arktide has partnered with the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez to collaborate in researching marine technologies and systems to help us create sustainable ocean communities. We are currently working on obtaining land in the Mayaguez area to be near the university. We look forward to working not only with professors but most importantly with the students of Puerto Rico to help us refine and ultimately construct our designs. We want to contribute to Mayaguez and Puerto Rico just as much, if not more, than what they will contribute to us. We hope to learn about the existing possibilities but also evolve our current understanding and relationship with the ocean, not only to help materialize our vision but to help the current state of humanity and nature reach a more harmonious and abundant state.




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